What you need to look at when choosing an insurance leads provider

What you need to look at when choosing an insurance leads provider

Buying leads costs money, though not as much as advertising and marketing. However, when leads start to convert, they can provide the best ROI as compared to other forms of marketing. The hassle is in choosing a reputed and reliable insurance leads provider who can provide you with good leads. Here are a few tips that will help:


Does the lead provider require you to sign a contract that binds you to his business? If yes, look elsewhere for a provider who allows you to do business with others.


A reputed lead provider knows that his leads are worth their weight in gold because they convert. Therefore, he does not incentivize buyers. If the lead provider is throwing incentives at you, it could be because his leads don’t work.


Have many customers spoken highly of the insurance leads provider? And, are the testimonials coming in from respected insurance agents? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then you have found a reliable insurance leads provider.


How do you plan to market to the leads – phone, email, fax or direct mail? Does the provider sell data that reconciles with your marketing strategy? Also, does his data contain information such as age, income, etc., of the prospect? It’s best to ask for small sample first, and try it out, before making a purchase.

Delivery Time

The vendor must deliver leads as soon as they are purchased. If he doesn’t, it could mean he’s trying to sell the data to another agent, or maybe to a friend who is an agent. You must ensure that the leads are delivered immediately, by email or through a download.

Delivery Format

Purchased leads must be delivered in spreadsheet format because this format allows you to filter leads and target the “low hanging fruit” (leads that can convert quickly based on your experience). Ask your provider about the delivery format, and if it is in spreadsheet format (Excel), then it will work to your advantage.

Lead Quality

If your leads provider sells to all and sundry, it means that most insurance agents have already called the your purchased leads. Work with lead vendors who don’t sell a lead to more than one agent per insurance company.

Refund Policy

Will the vendor refund your money if the leads are bogus? Most lead providers do not refund and therefore you must always buy leads in small quantities before making a big commitment.

Our recommendation for a high-quality and reliable insurance leads provider is Top Pick Leads.

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