Top Sales Leads Strategies For Insurance Agents

Sales Leads Strategies For Insurance Agents

If youíre in the business of sales, as any insurance agent undoubtedly is, then you already know that there are times when you run into something of a dead end and have to look for new sources of sales leads. Itís not that there arenít plenty of people out there who are interested in buying an insurance policy, but if youíre having trouble finding new prospects to sell to, it means that you may need to step up your lead generation efforts. While you could just dial your way through the local phone book cold calling every name listed, youíll be much better off selling to people who you already know are more likely than not to be interested in listening to what you have to say. With that in mind, read on for a few tips on generating new leads to keep your business growing.

1) Buying Leads

Buying leads is a proven strategy for finding qualified leads; however, there are a few downsides to this method as well. For one, buying leads can be on the costly side, although in some cases, the insurance company will pay for these and furnish them to agents and sales representatives.

Another thing to watch out for if you decide to buy sales leads is that there are companies out there who are selling leads which arenít relevant to your business as well as companies which are selling completely useless lists of insurance leads to part you with your money and promptly disappear. Buying leads can be a good thing, but make sure to choose your source carefully.

2) Networking

This is actually perhaps the most reliable means of generating new leads, whether youíre in the insurance business or any other business, for that matter. It may not work all that well for you if youíre just getting started, but if you already have a number of satisfied customers, then you should definitely ask around to see if they know anyone else who might be interested in purchasing a policy. Word of mouth from satisfied customers is one of the most valuable forms of advertising you could ask for ñ and your customers may have already laid the groundwork for a sale by telling their family and friends about you and the policies you offer.

3) Advertising

There are a lot of different ways to advertise and depending on the demographic youíre targeting, some may be more effective than others in generating sales leads. Just having a website for your business is one form of advertising which is fairly inexpensive ñ and with a little online marketing, you could generate a significant amount of insurance leads. You can also place print advertisements in your local papers, post flyers around your city; and if itís in the budget, you might also want to consider broadcast advertising to reach out to your local radio and TV audience.


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