The importance of choosing a good lead provider

 Choosing a good lead provider

Purchasing leads is a fantastic method of bringing in targeted prospects. The Internet is rife with lead providers, so it becomes important, vital even, to select a good, reliable lead provider. A good start is to look at insurance leads companies. These providers know the insurance industry and can produce the best insurance leads money can buy.

What to look for in good insurance leads companies

In the insurance industry, all leads are not equal. Likewise, all insurance leads companies are not the same either. There are several things you can look for before making your selection. Some of these are:

  • Age of the leads. Your leads should never be older than two days, maybe three. Ask the provider to indicate the age of the leads they provide. If they are reputable, they will have no problem doing this.
  • Information provided. Be sure you ask what information is included with the leads. Basic info would be name, phone number, email, state and zip code. You may have other requirements. All good insurance lead providers will let you detail as you need. If they stonewall you here, look elsewhere.
  • How is the lead generated? Some insurance leads companies will incentivize the leads to generate them. This is not a real good practice since the prospects might just fill out the form to get the reward. What you want are non-incentivized leads. These leads are more targeted and genuine. The information you get is from people that truly need or are looking for insurance.

Why buy leads from these insurance leads companies?

A couple of reasons come to mind here. First is the fact that you are able to retrieve many leads at one time. When was the last time you generated 500 leads in 24 or 48 hours? Because conversion is a numbers game (the more leads you contact, the better chances of conversion), that is a big plus to buying leads.

Second, you can spend time running down the leads you already have while the leads company gets you more. Basically, you do what you are good at and they do ehat they are good at. The end result is a steady supply of qualified leads that are more likely to convert and generate revenues.

Last, but certainly not least, there is the guarantee. A really good, honest leads company will offer to replace any leads with bad or incorrect information. Broken emails and just plain bad leads are common and you, as the client, should not be penalized for that. Be sure any of the insurance leads companies you consider have a guarantee in place.


We recommend you choosing as your #1 lead provider.




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