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No Matter How Good the Long Term Care Insurance Reviews Are, You Need Leads

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You might have the best long term care insurance on the market, but if you don’t have anyone to see, it won’t do you one bit of good. While everyone sat at the roll out meeting cheering for all the marvelous changes in the product and looking at the great long term care insurance reviews, some of the reps were making plans in their head to start a marketing program. Some reps may already have a great book of business and use existing clients to make the sales. However, most agents aren’t that lucky.

If you want to specialize in the senior market, you need a list of clients to see. Securing a list of qualified seniors is necessary to do the job. Not every senior is financially qualified for long term care insurance and a good list can help identify those who are. Even if the potential client has health issues, you won’t waste your time seeing them, if they are a financial match for other products you have, such as annuities.

Of course, one of the best markets to sell to is people who are in their 50s and still working. They often use the internet and read the long term care insurance reviews, so they know a great product when you present it. They also normally are in far better health, but very aware that could easily change. Many of these individuals are presently doing double duty, taking care of both their family and their parents, so they know the need for extra funds for extended care products. These individuals have worked their way into great positions and often have funds they need to protect from the ravages of long term care. You can often make double sales by funding an annuity to make the payment, too.

Long term care insurance is a specialized niche that requires a specialized list of names. Contacting the individuals interested in the product is the most difficult part of the task, that’s where leads can do much of the legwork for you. Individuals that haven’t had time to create a book of business in the senior market or those who simply want to specialize can use the lists to their advantage. Whether you’re holding a seminar or simply making individual appointments, those who understand the importance of the product and have read the long term care insurance reviews, will often respond, either to learn more and make their final choice or to purchase.  You still have to make the sale, but with a good list of leads and a great presentation, you’ll have a much bigger chance of success.


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