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Getting Leads for all Life Insurance Types from Top Pick Leads


Insurance agents will obviously want to sell all life insurance types to as many individuals and groups as possible for several reasons. For one thing, their livelihood depends on selling as many insurance policies as possible because the greater the number of policies sold, the higher their earnings from commissions. For another thing, their network of personal and professional contacts from which their next sales will be sourced will also widen.


In short, insurance agents are in a win-win situation here! But there are instances when even a wide network of personal and professional contacts will not suffice to increase your insurance sales for many reasons, say, because your contacts are limited to your local area. This is where Top Pick Leads comes in!


Top Picks Leads is the leading provider of high-quality leads for all life insurance types. These leads have been proven to become insurance sales when handled in the appropriate manner by the insurance agent who purchased them. Keep in mind that even the best leads – think of individuals who are more than ready to purchase life insurance at the drop of a hat when approached by a reliable agent – will go nowhere when you, the insurance agent, fail to use your sales and marketing skills.


What are the types of life insurance leads that you can find and buy at Top Pick Leads? All of the types of which the following are the three main basic types:


• Universal life insurance


This is a flexible premium insurance policy where the structure specifically the monthly premium payments can vary depending on the financial capacity of the contract holder. For example, the client can pay more this month and then less the next month with the assumption that the policy values are sufficient to cover the overall monthly charges.


• Term life insurance


Of the life insurance types, term life insurance is arguably the most popular for good reason. The client will pay equal premiums for a specific period and, at the end of the period, the coverage can be continued but the premium will increase annually with age. The premiums are usually the cheapest in the market, too.


• Whole life insurance


This is a policy that provides the beneficiaries with a guaranteed death benefit and cash value with the payment of guaranteed premiums.


Top Pick Leads has the global connections to find viable leads from around the world instead of just the local area of its buyers-cum-insurance agents. With the insurance industry being highly competitive, gaining an advantage no matter how small it may be will push your insurance business ahead of your competitors.


Start considering your options in life insurance types – which of the types you want to focus on, for example – and then buy your high-quality leads from Top Pick as soon as possible.

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