“After extensive and exhausted use of InsureMe’s online services we have found InsureMe to provide excellent customer service at fantastic prices…”


InsureMe was founded in 1993 by a dedicated insurance agent with nothing more than just a fax machine and a stack of leads.  InsureMe, while relatively new back then to the scene, but once they got online they quickly become one of the largest Insurance Lead providers online. Specializing in Auto, Health, Home, Life, and Long Term Care insurance leads, InsureMe provides agents exactly what they need when it comes to leads.  Being founded by a dedicated, experienced agent ensures that others can benefit from such experience when using InsureMe.

High Quality Insurance Leads

After extensive and exhausted use of InsureMe’s online services we have found they provide excellent customer service and high quality insurance leads at fantastic prices. Lead filtering and real-time purchasing are some of the features offered by InsureMe’s website, which are features that just about every insurance agent can surely appreciate.

Leads purchased through this InsureMe are extremely high-quality.  The leads they provide are obtained are precise and have go into great details allowing agents to find leads that fit their target market.

Why InsureMe?

Thousands of agents nationwide love their leads and keep coming back for more—over 500 have been with us for more than 5 years! They earn loyalty through their tireless focus on what’s important to their agents: the bottom line.

  1. Lead Quality – InsureMe agents report excellent closing ratios from their leads and many insurance organizations rely on their leads to boost their overall profitability. They never use gimmicky marketing campaigns or prize giveaways to attract consumers. By advertising primarily on top-tier search engines like Google and Yahoo, they attract consumers who are already looking for insurance. This approach ensures that you get a lead that’s serious about buying a policy.
  2. Customer Service – By phone, e-mail, or online support InsureMe is there when you need them. Providing free support when you need it. Most importantly, you’ll get a real human to promptly answer any and all of your questions. Their call center’s response time rivals 911′ operators! According to their latest poll, 95 percent of their agents were either satisfied or very satisfied with their phone service. In addition, you have 24/7 access to your account online. View your account and tailor your leads to ensure you get the most desirable prospects.
  3. Flexibility – Are you concerned about being stuck in long term contract? Have no fears.  InsureMe will not bind you to long-term contracts or membership fees. You pay only for the leads that you receive. Giving you the convenience and flexibility of a monthly service.
  4. Free Online Tools – Get leads quickly and organize them effortlessly with the Agent Connection, an ‘always on’ lead delivery and organization tool. Web-based, the Agent Connection lets you receive, view, print, rate, archive and flag your leads wherever there’s an internet connection! InsureMe filters help you save time, money and effort. With a vast array of lead catagories to choose from, you can maximize your lead-generation for a maximum return on investment.
  5. Sales and marketing tips – Read daily sales and marketing tips on InsureMe’s Agent Blog! After you’ve scanned the headlines in the Journal, check out the Agent Blog each morning for fresh insurance news as well as tips on how to improve your business.

InsureMe today……it’s worth the effort for getting great leads that drive sales

By targeting consumers who are actively looking for insurance and passing them to you in real time, InsureMe provides insurance leads that are detailed, fresh, and easily converted into sales.

But InsureMe doesn’t stop at insurance leads for agents. Their clients enjoy free tools and insurance marketing resources. But it does not get any better than InsureMe’s service representatives who will help you make the most of your insurance leads by providing fast, friendly and knowledgeable service.

With more, higher quality leads flowing in and less time spent processing low-quality leads, your profitability and efficiency with InsureMe leads are set to soar.

Insurance leads done right:

  • Quality online leads to grow your business
  • Targeted prospects tailored to your markets
  • Outstanding filtering and capping options
  • Detailed lead data for productive conversations
  • Warm transfer services available
  • Real-time lead delivery for speed-to-contact advantage
  • Quality leads filtered by Bankrate Insurance Verified 2.0

Specializing in auto, home, renters, health, medical supplement, life and long term care insurance, InsureMe connects agents nationwide with ready-to-buy consumers.

Bottom Line: InsureMe Works! More Sales. Less Hassle.

Their network consists’ of thousands of insurance professionals nationwide who have helped millions of consumers with their insurance needs.

Discover why thousands of agents choose InsureMe for real-time onlineinsurance leads.

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  • "I have been using two of the Top Pick online insurance leads providers you recommended and could not be happier with leads I am getting. I’m writing more business now than I have in years!"
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    - San Diego, CA
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    Marissa Jonston
    - Ft Myers, FL
  • "Both the quantity and the quality of leads that I'm able to get and close are beyond compare. I can't even consider this 'cold calling' because I know everything about my lead before we connect."
    Mark Hanson
    - New York, NY
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    Mark Toleson
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  • "WOW is all I can say! I am very happy I found your website. My lead closing ratio is now at 10%, and they way things look I think I can get it to 20% with all of the appointments I have now."
    Grace Steward
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    Jennifer Riley
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    Brian Barrett
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    Donna McKenzie
    - Washington, DC
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    Michael Barille
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    Denise Wallace
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    Marry Geraldos
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    David Spaun
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    Monica Sawyers
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  • "I have been receiving mortgage life insurance leads from InsureMe for just over a week now and sor far I am very satisfied. I currently have more leads working than ever before."
    Michelle Abel
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    Joseph Trailes
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    Mike Baker
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  • "In my 22 yrs in the insurance industry I've got to say that InsuranceLeads.com is the best health insurance leads provider I have used. I'm sure glad I found them through your website."
    Joseph Cambria
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  • "Yours site is best business insurance lead sources of any site I have ever seen. It just take a minute of your time and you don't have to read on forever to get the facts. My hat is off to you."
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  • "If you are currently purchasing Annuity leads and not using InsuranceLeads.com you are making a big mistake. The leads I have received are by far the highest quality in the industry."
    Steven Biggs
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  • My closing ratio is substantially higher with the leads I have acquired through TopPickLeads.com than through any other party or service. That says a lot about the lead quality and freshness."
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    Danny Speers
    - Salt Lake City, UT
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