Insurance Leads: A Good Way to Grow Your Business?


 A good way to grow your business with insurance leads

If you sell insurance, you might wonder if Internet insurance leads are a good investment. Can buying leads really increase your business volume and profits? While there are some “experts” who say generating your own leads is how you should make your business grow, they are not looking at the full picture with all the new tools that exist online, either. Before the Internet lists of names as “leads” were nothing more than a list of names. These days though, leads have a lot more going into them than just a random bunch of names. Having top quality leads means having a sales staff that is always busy generating revenue for the company.

If you happen to know that many homes lack one type of insurance or another, you might think that selling on a cold call would be easy. However, cold calls are the least effective method. Many times people will state they do not want to be bothered and will hang up. Technology has made it possible to hit up email addresses instead of calling on the phone, but mass emails trigger spam filters and the messages get blocked. The simple fact is self-generated leads do not find people wanting to buy what you are selling, at least not fast enough to actually make your business turn a profit.

The answer to this is actually much simpler than one might believe. Companies who sell insurance leads take information from web habits, social media, and other factors to determine what each consumer is looking for, and refines the information through real world identification processes. The end result is that they have a body of leads that have been checked and double checked. These leads then generate more sales because they are tailored to the product being sold. Since the return on the investment for these leads is higher than self-generated leads, it makes economic and business sense to buy them from a company that only deals in leads.

Why buy Internet insurance leads? Filtered leads that are a direct match to the type of product you are selling can maximize the time you spend trying to make and close a sale. You save marketing dollars because you do not have to cold call anyone. There will be a higher percentage of closes with bought leads that are tailored to your product. Since leads are generated daily, they are fresh, and exclusively your leads and you can get them without having telemarketing contracts you are stuck with. You can easily invest other marketing dollars in buying leads culled from the Internet. Remember though, leads are not enough; you need a good team willing to make the sale and close the deal.

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