How to close your leads

How To Close Insurance Leads

Insurance leads are of no value if you do not know how to close them. When you successfully close a lead, your business and profits expand, and your network grows. But, do you know how to close a lead? If not, here are some practical tips from insurance experts that will help:

Build Trust

You must first understand your potential client’s needs and then shortlist a few insurance options that will help him realize his financial goals. You also must explain, in a transparent manner, the pros and cons of each option. This will help you build trust with your client and also get his attention. This could be the beginning of a new relationship and of a new sale.

Concentrate On Your Prospect

Every potential client has different financial goals and if you follow textbook techniques of closing insurance leads, then you will lose business. You should instead focus on the prospect and understand his financial psychology. You should ideally be a relaxed person and a patient listener. After hearing him out, connect with him by empathizing with his financial goals. Address him by name because that will bring you closer to him, and offer him the right insurance solutions.

Take Feedback In Between

After handing out information in a transparent way, take feedback. Ask your potential client if he found the information useful and practical. Also ask him if he has any concerns or whether he wants more information. This will help you understand what the prospect is thinking at the mid-way stage, and you can suitably alter your sales strategy based on this feedback. This is also known as trial closing.

Closing The Lead

By now, you would have given all relevant information, built a rapport with the prospect, addressed his concerns, taken adequate feedback, and more. By this time your prospect should be ready to make a decision. If he has not made a decision yet, inform him that the special offer you are extending will lapse by a certain date. If he is a genuine buyer, he should bite. However, before you make the special offer, you must research what your competitors are offering and offer something more attractive.

Also let the prospect know how he stands to lose if he does not buy the policy from you – discuss the consequences of not being insured and the benefits of the special deal you are offering. However, do this very subtly without any aggression.

To Sum Up

You would have likely closed the lead by now. If you haven’t, no problem – learn from your experience, improve your sales pitch and get ready for the next prospect. Good luck.

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