How to buy life insurance leads

How To Buy Insurance Leads

Every insurance agent must buy life insurance leads because it is the cheapest and the most effective form of marketing. Without obtaining leads, it is almost impossible to sell insurance. But buying leads is easier said than done – insurance agents can quickly lose their way because there are all kinds of lead providers out there. Here are some strategies that will help you choose the right kind of leads:


Shortlist 3-4 life insurance lead providers and check their website for

(a)    Testimonials: These should come from respected life insurance agents

(b)   Experience: Check how long the company has been in the business

(c)    Type of leads sold: Does the provider sell exclusive leads? Or, are you buying into something that all agents buy into? Reputed lead providers will not sell the same lead to insurance agents of the same company.

Create an Excel file to compare the providers.


Now, check the costs. Is the provider charging you a high deposit? If yes, avoid that provider because he is likely palming off bad leads to you. Instead, you must focus on buying new and exclusive leads. Buying older leads may not work because these prospects would already have been approached by other agents. Also, nonexclusive leads must not be purchased for obvious reasons. You should spend more and buy exclusive leads if you want better and quicker conversions.

Write the costs/vendor in your Excel sheet and figure out the most affordable vendor.


Now check the provider’s terms and conditions. Does he expect you to buy a minimum number of leads every month, or per purchase? Also, check if the vendor is binding you – a reputed leads provider will never do that. Avoid providers that bind you or expect you to buy many leads per purchase. Always stick to your budget, and remember to increase it if the leads start converting really well.

Bad Leads Policy

Does the provider compensate you for bad leads? Reputed providers typically allow bad lead claims of around 15% every month, so make it a point to check the refunds policy.

Lead Delivery

Leads must be delivered immediately, by email, once you pay for them. Do not work with a provider who delays lead delivery. A delay means that you are likely getting stale leads that have already been prospected by other insurance agents.

Comparing these factors among your preferred life insurance leads providers will help you buy life insurance leads from a high-quality vendor.


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