“Trying to find quality Health Leads can sometimes seem like a pretty daunting task, but it doesn’t actually have to be like that…”

Top Pick Leads has tested, researched and reviewed  the bulk of online health insurance lead providers.  We have come up with a list of who we believe are the best of the best.

We take the headache and hassles that agents face when finding the right lead companies.

Through our testing and reviews we have found that some Health Insurance Lead providers are offering innovative, unique programs that make it so within few minutes you can actually start getting quality health leads that are fresh and profitable.  We pick health insurance lead providers that are adaptive to the market. Being a big provider of leads is not the only criteria we look for when looking for when reviewing lead providers.

Top Pick Leads recommends only Real time leads providers

One of the main benefits that our Top Pick providers offer is that they provide real time lead purchasing options — which is something that many other online lead providers fail to offer.  With the ability to receive insurance leads in real-time, you can buy your Health Insurance Leads as you need them, ensuring a constant and fresh supply.

Another aspect that many online lead providers fail to offer is the ability to pause leads. You can only effectively utilize leads when they are under your scheduling.

One of the most important requirements we have when picking health insurance lead providers  is that they must have the ability to be able to filter your leads by various different criteria. Allowing agents to focus on their field of interest and not markets that will not convert.

When you explore the health insurance leads that you receive, it is important to quickly evaluate them to determine which ones are going to be easier to place than others. With most leads including preexisting condition questioners and exploring risk factors, you can quickly find the individuals you can easily place based on height, weight and smoking habits. While your uninsurable health leads can eventually provide you with an additional source of income, they likely won’t be as profitable for you at first.

Health insurance lead ROI

As you explore the potential companies you can work with, consider the companies that will have experience delivering verifiable results to agents. You will want to choose places offering health insurance leads that have some experience, that deliver a good return on investment (or as commonly coined in the industry ROI) and continuously offer a high level of insurance leads on a regular basis.

With each website, Top Pick Leads also makes sure you can determine how the leads were generated. While some leads are generated by people visiting the lead providers web site, the best lead providers also have other methods for obtaining leads such as local offices. Which help agents who specialized in local markets.

Top Pick Leads looks for providers of Exclusive leads

While you are looking at options, focus on real time delivery and how many agents are included on exclusive leads. While some companies will deliver each lead to 1 or 2 people, you can start to see shares that reach as high as 8 agents and that can make it harder for you to secure a sale in the long run.

At the same time, watch the notifications you receive for leads and pay attention to not only the volume of health insurance leads, but how profitable they are. If you are getting a bulk of senior and applicants that is nearly impossible to qualify, then it might be in your best interest to look at other possibilities.

However, if you start to find regular matches that are going to produce results, you may want to stick with a company. Make sure you keep focusing on growing your business as you establish it with new health insurance leads. As you continue to take on new clients that you are able to grow and focus on exclusive leads in the future.

Below is a list of providers that we believe offer the best quality Health Insurance Leads at the most competitive price. Most of our Top Pick providers will even let you try their leads for FREE. With this in mind we recommend that you try a few of the different Health Lead services to find out which ones fit your specific need the best.

Our "Top Pick" Lead Providers

Get quality leads for virtually any market or demographic.



1st Place


  • Targeted, high-quality search generated leads.
  • Large selection of lead types and lead filters.
  • Get 30% off of first lead type


2nd Place


  • Over 700 advanced demographic filters...
  • No long-term contracts or subscriptions.
  • Get 50% off of second lead type


3rd Place


  • CALL (855) 625-3644 TODAY!
  • A+ with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Special discount offer when you sign up...


4th Place


  • Real-time, high-converting leads.
  • No contracts or minimum orders
  • 50% off of weekend leads

Learn How We Rate Lead Providers

We have tested hundreds of lead sources to find YOU the highest-quality leads possible.

  • Lead Accuracy

    Lead Accuracy

    We have tested and verified all of our Top Pick providers for information accuracy.

  • Lead Freshness

    Lead Freshness

    Our Top Pick providers delivery only the freshest, most recent leads available.

  • Lead Filtering

    Lead Filtering

    Our Top Pick providers give you maximum control over demographics and qualifiers.

  • Lead Price

    Lead Price

    Our Top Pick lead sources are extremely competitive and surprisingly affordable.

  • Real-Time Deliverability

    Real-Time Deliverability

    Our Top Pick providers can deliver leads to you in real-time as they become available.

  • Company History

    Company History

    Our Top Pick providers are all carefully vetted based on trustworthiness and reliability.

  • Lead ROI

    Lead ROI

    Obviously, you want to generate maximum return on your lead acquisition investment.

  • Service


    When you need support, clear communication is essential. Our Top Picks deliver the best support.

  • Lead Cost

    Lead Cost

    Our providers offer affordable, flexible plans for every budget with no long-term contracts.

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  • "Tried all of your recommended providers and got my free leads. Closed my first three. Working on the others. Yes, I can confidently say I am going to keep getting my leads from your top list."
    Danny Speers
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