Finding final expense leads

Finding Final Expense Leads

Leads are important for any insurance agent, including final expense leads. It is through these leads that agents find customers to buy their insurance policies. Once upon a time, the generation of these leads meant making cold calls and sending direct mail to prospective clients. This was actually very time consuming, and most of the time lead to a dead end.

While many agents and brokers still use these strategies, finding final expense leads online is in vogue today. All an agent has to do to get these leads is to sign up for an account with a strong lead generation firm.

Benefits of final expense leads

The reason for this rise in popularity is that it offers many benefits over the traditional methods of generating leads. First of all, these online leads are delivered in real time so there is no chance of agents wasting time looking for leads. All you have to do is sign up with a recognized lead generation firm, and it is the firm’s responsibility to periodically send you your final expense leads.

By acquiring final expense leads, you actually get a guaranteed return on your investment. Of course, though you may not 100% sell a policy through these leads; you meet clients who are actually interested in the policy you have to offer.

Online final expense leads have set filters that ensure agents end up buying only those leads that meet their final expense insurance requirements. As these leads are made as high volume purchases, there are more leads to convince to get an insurance policy. Consequently, the chances of these leads buying a policy are higher.

No wastage of time

As final expense leads are generally people looking out for a final expense insurance policy, agents don’t have to waste time chasing consumers or cold leads who are not interested or don’t require this policy.

In addition to this, as the chances of getting policies through are higher through final expense leads, you earn more money through its consequent commission. This is because it is usually senior citizens who require a final expense insurance policy; and they are ready to pay a higher premium for their short term policy.

Moreover, as final expense insurance policies generally require less time to process than whole daily life insurance policies, you are paid your commission within 2-3 weeks’ time instead of the usual 2 or more months.

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