Facts About Buying Life Insurance leads on Online

Facts About Buying Life Insurance Leads Online

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Insurance agents are always on the lookout for viable life insurance leads for several reasons. Keep in mind that life insurance policies are not as popular among consumers as, say, car and home insurance coverage because of the former’s optional nature and the latter’s compulsory aspect. Agents must then find, generate and grab every lead for life insurance coverage when and where available.


And the best venue for lead generation is the Internet but not just any site either! You must purchase leads for life insurance from dedicated sites like Agent Insider, Net Quote and Insurance Leads, among others.


How do these companies gather life insurance leads? Basically, these companies gather relevant information of individuals interested in life insurance, said individuals of which used the Internet to find insurance companies. Their online process involves taking the interested individuals/online visitors on a series of steps designed to gather information including but not limited to their:


• Personal contact information (i.e., complete name, email address and telephone number)

• Specific insurance requirements (i.e., term or permanent life insurance) and

• Willingness to be contacted by a live representative to discuss their insurance requirements


The information provided by the online visitors are then organized into categories like geographical location, type of life insurance desired, and amount of life insurance planned, among others. Keep in mind that each company selling life insurance leads to insurance agents will have their own formats for choosing from among the leads.


How much will it cost? It depends on the company selling the insurance leads but you can purchase leads for $10 to $20 depending on their quality. Be sure to ask the lead generation company for its rate before ordering the leads in terms of quality and quantity.


Why purchase leads for life insurance instead of, say, generating these sales prospects on your own? Several reasons can be cited including:


• Easy to acquire. You can immediately use the leads provided by the lead generation company at a price – no more lead generation activities requiring time, effort and money.

• Good quality. Your purchased leads are of good quality because the lead generation company will also stake its reputation on it. Your job then is to persuade the interested individuals to purchase their life insurance policies from your insurance company.


In short, purchasing life insurance leads of good quality at reasonable prices from reputable lead generation companies is the most cost-efficient and results-effective method to increase your sales!



We recommend using TopPickLeads.com for all your insurance needs.





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