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Certain industries require a specific type of lead. One such industry is the life insurance industry. It is easy to see when a person walks into an office that they are looking for insurance of some type. But in the online insurance business, the rules are a bit different and a supply of quality life insurance leads means greater success.

Why buy life insurance leads?

This is the question most asked by online insurance providers or marketers. If I can mine my own leads, why should I buy them? Several reasons come to mind. Topmost among them are relevancy, quality and specificity.

Relevancy of life insurance leads.

When you purchase leads in this industry, you are getting people that are pre-sold on your product. They are already looking for life insurance and they probably have stated a price range as well, so now all you need to do is meet their criteria, which you will already know BEFORE you contact them directly. This has everything to do with relevancy, so what about quality?

Quality of life insurance leads.

The quality of leads is determined by their age. What you need are life insurance leads that are less than a day or two old; three at the most. After that point, the prospect may have already found what they are looking for and moved on. When buying these leads, be sure to state that you want them no older than 48 hours. They might cost a bit more, but will be more responsive and productive.

Industry specific life insurance leads.

Specificity means that they have already expressed an interest in life insurance and have been passed on to you as a provider of policies. This is also known as a “warm” client. They know what you are offering (insurance) and have asked for you to contact them. Your job now is to harvest the seed that has been planted.

Demographics analysis

When you buy life insurance leads, you have the ability to target a specific group of people. New parents, people in a specific age group or certain geographic area. Whatever niche your product falls into, you are able to get right in there. This is also called “targeting” and can be based on any criteria you want; age, state, city, marital status, etc… So you have the power of putting yourself in front of the people to whom you need to market.


When it comes to good life insurance leads, buying them is so much better than trying to mine your own. You will get them faster, they will be more targeted and you will have a higher conversion rate overall.


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