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The best life insurance companies are obviously the ones with the best insurance policies to offer their policyholders, the best customer services, and the best reputations in the industry. Their enviable status in the industry, however, came with no small amount of hard work in sourcing out viable leads and then following through with these leads until a sale is made. Indeed, making it big in the competitive life insurance industry is no small feat!


But even the best of the best will stumble in their marketing and sales efforts with one of the most common reasons being the apparent insufficiency of viable leads. This is all too true when the insurance company and its agents are limited by any reason to their area of coverage or to their local areas. Keep in mind that when the local market is saturated by one too many of the best life insurance companies, even the best insurance agents will have a challenge on their hands to sell policies.


This where the expertise of Top Pick Leads comes in to the rescue, so to speak! Top Pick Leads is one of the leading reviewers of sites selling high-quality leads for all types of insurance including auto, home and life insurance policies. Their leads have been proven to pan out 9 times out of 10 – truly, a success rate that insurance agents who purchase the leads can rely on.


What benefits can the insurance agents from even the best life insurance companies look forward to when purchasing leads from the reviewed sites?


• Proven and tested insurance lead providers. We have reviewed and tested all of the sites presented here, said sites of which include Net Quote, Agent Insider, and Insure Me for Agents, to name a few. These providers of insurance leads have been tested based on a strict set of criteria including Lead Accuracy and Freshness, Real-Time Deliverability Options, and Price as well as Return on Investment.


Suffice it to say that these insurance leads companies will lay down the groundwork of your success as an insurance agent by providing the best leads in your market.


• Lead insurance guide. Newbie insurance agents will appreciate the tips and tricks suggested by Top Pick Leads regarding closing the sale. Why stumble around insurance marketing and sales, thus, losing more than a few customers when you can learn from the best?


You will soon enjoy higher returns on investment when you know how to follow through from purchasing the leads to closing the sale.


Ultimately, the value of the insurance leads will largely rest on the selling capabilities of the agent himself. The best life insurance companies usually have effective and efficient training programs in this regard with the result being that their agents can easily sell the policies to their leads.


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