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How To Find The Best Insurance Lead Companies?

Though all lead companies appear to be the same, the best Insurance lead companies are reputable, honest, experienced, well-networked and reliable. Moreover, their leads are fertile and can be converted by putting in genuine effort. That said, how in the world can you every find a company that supplies great leads when there are so many to choose from? Here’s how:

Check If the Company is Reliable

A reputed company always hands over leads on time to all its customers. The delivery is also made per an agreed schedule. Though there are many lead providers out there, only a few companies actually supply leads on time. You can browse the provider’s site, read a couple of testimonials, conduct a people search and speak to their customers directly about the quality and reliability of the service.


How is the company’s Customer Relationship Management department? Do they take good care of customers? Do they reply on time? Do they efficiently handle complaints? Do they provide adequate support on a 24/7 basis? Do they help you open an account and guide you about the return policy? Answers to these questions will help you understand the quality of customer service.

Lead Quality

Every insurance professional must buy high-quality leads that convert. Leads cost money and therefore the supplier must deliver leads that have a high chance of converting. You can buy a few leads to begin with, check how they are converting, and then place a larger order. You should always buy leads in small-medium batches to ensure that money is not wasted.

The lead provider must offer standard and custom filters and his leads must be real-time. He should allow you to cap your volume and offer a decent window for returning bad leads.


All insurance agents are ready to pay well for leads that convert. But that doesn’t mean that the lead provider must charge exorbitant rates. Your lead provider, if he’s really that good, can charge a premium but he must not fleece you.

Consistent and Continuous Supply

Most agents buy lead in small quantities. The lead provider must ensure that his leads supply tap does not go dry. The supply of leads has to be consistent and continuous.

Look for these qualities in a lead provider and you’ll sure figure out the best insurance lead companies in no time.


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